Lil Durk Says Future Is The New Tupac And This Is Everyone’s Reaction

There are a lot of rappers comparing themselves to Tupac Shakur these days but Lil Durk actually thinks Future is the modern day Pac.

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen rappers like Troy Ave and Boosie Badazz calls themselves the new Tupac and Joey BadAzz going a step further to say that he is better than the late rap legend. Lil Durk seems like he got tired of all these other rappers comparing themselves to 2Pac and instead opted to name the one rapper that he thinks is the Pac of this generation. “@1future you the Modern day #2pac for the world,” Durk wrote on Twitter.

The good folks on Twitter weren’t amused by Lil Durk’s bold statement and the firestorm came raining down like a volcano spewing out lava. These are some of the hilarious reactions on Twitter. “So Lil Durk thinks Future is the new Tupac this is even worst than a bad joke, I happen to think that Future is even overrated, ni**a please,” one fan tweeted, while another fan added, “Comparing Future to 2Pac is like comparing a Toyota to a Rolls Royce, there is just no comparison leave Pac out yo mouth @lildurk.”