Tommy Lee Sparta – 30 Million Lyrics

(Verse 1)
From mi seh broke mi nuh stay far
Right now money pon mi radar
Everybody know wi?
Sparta nuh like instigator
Bomber level meck bwoy stay far
Buss the goat throat meck it drain off
And Mama waan see the sky scraper

30, 30, 30 million
30 million up in a mi range van
Five million mi just done a dream land
Me and the Sheller dem down a Spartan
A we, a we run the street
And every gyal a come touch the money green hand
Meck mi touch you wid the? You understand?
My d**k alone you fi put the titty pon

Me never feel like suh yet
Me a enjoy mi self
Some bwoy naw enjoy dem self

Never feel so nice suh yet
Some bwoy naw enjoy dem self
But me a enjoy mi self

(Verse 2)
Watch the whole a dem competing
Shi a whip in a the kitchen
Dutty up road wid her clean skin
Berberry deh in her jeans string
Run the road, street king
Send the boat, sea thing
The joker seh mi stop play seal pon six
Seh mi a the real king ping

(Repeat Chorus)