Meek Mill Sued For Deadly Connecticut Concert Shooting

Meek Mill has some new legal troubles on his hands. The Philly rapper is being sued by the families of a deadly concert shooting in Connecticut.

The deadly shooting took place back in December at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre where Meek Mill was performing. Four people were shot and two of them later died, while the other two were treated at a local hospital and released. At least one of the dead man’s family and one person who was injured filed a lawsuit against Meek Mill and Oakdale claiming that the Dreamchasers rapper’s lyrics incite violence.

One of the dead men is 31-year-old Travis Ward, and in court docs from a lawsuit filed by his family, they blamed the shooting squarely at the feet of Meek Mill and Oakdale. They say his lyrics attracted violent thugs to the concert and the owners of Oakdale are aware of that but they still booked him for the concert, TMZ reported. Ward’s family argued that Oakdale should have taken Meek Mill’s violent lyrics as a warning not to book him for the show. The family is suing for unspecified damages. Meek Mill has not reacted to the lawsuit, but you can bet that he has already lawyered up.