Watch Young Thug Performs In A $9000 Chanel Purse

Young Thug went on Instagram last night to show off his $9000 Chanel purse called a “murse.”

This particular bag can light up on the side and they go by several different names like boy bag, murse, man-bag, satchel etc. For most people these are purse and folks on social media are questioning men wearing these accessories. Young Thug has been known to push men fashion envelope and has in the past wear items like skirts and dresses so this criticism that he is getting now will not phase him.

The “LED Boy Bag” is currently on sale on Chanel website for a cool $9,000, which is more than a monthly salary for most people but pocket change for Young Thug. Thugger was spotted wearing his pricey accessory last night while performing at an event. Some folks are saying that they want to know what Young Thug is keeping inside his new purse, just take a wild guess. Check out the video clips below.

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#YoungThug performing in a $9000 Chanel purse.

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