Alkaline Accused Of Dissing Popcaan’s Mother After Dissing His Daughter

Alkaline and Popcaan beef is one of the most talked about feuds in dancehall this year.

For the most part the feud has been one sided, with Alkaline releasing two gritty diss tracks earlier this year which Popcaan has yet to respond to. In the track “Microwave” Alka famously dissed Popcaan’s daughter in a line where he sings “Mi cunk yo daughter and send her go buy a cranberry / And a bottle a rum fi drink when the man bury,” the Vendetta boss deejay.

The Unruly Boss got a lot of criticisms for not responding to the song especially since Alkaline brutally disrespect his daughter in that line. Now Alka is being accused of dissing Popcaan’s mother Ms Rona. A photo of the “Champion Boy” deejay went viral yesterday on social media showing sitting on a plastic container with “RONA” branded on it in all caps. Some folks are saying it’s mere coincidence but others thinks that it’s a calculated move by Alkaline to disrespect Popcaan’s mother. Check out the photo below and share your thoughts in the comments. DO you think Alka was blatantly dissing Popcaan’s mother or was it mere coincidence?