Dancehall Artists Press To Keep Entourage Under Control Amidst DJ Assault

Following the assault of DJ Rolexx by Aidonia’s entourage for playing Masicka diss track, other dancehall artists are now coming under fire to control their entourage.

For the last few weeks, several disc jockeys have been complaining that artists are turning up to dancehall parties across the island with a large entourage of men that they often times can’t control. Some sound system selectors have been roughed up in the past for playing too much music from the artists rivals. Despite the blow back, veteran selector Foota Hype says that sometimes the artists are not to be blamed for the violent attacks on disc jockeys.

“Artistes at a certain level with a certain magnitude of fans or followers can’t control everybody weh rate them and love dem,” Foota Hype said. “Sometimes these followers of the artistes or fans of the artistes tend to take up things inna dem own hands because dem want the artiste hear inna di morning say dem loyal to the ting and dem a defend the thing a road. Some man don’t even have a number for the artiste enuh, so you can’t even blame the artiste dem too much and say dem nah do enough because it hard fi control.”

Some disc jockeys are threatening to go on a strike if artists don’t get their acts together.