The LOX – Santorini Greece (Freestyle) Lyrics

Sometimes you just gotta light up
Shoutout to my ni**a
LOX style
Shoutout to the legend who’s name is never misspoken
You golden ni**a

(Verse 1)
Sincerely I’m not defending them
Still create a
F**k that I still lease a whip
Coming from a strip where you can come through and lease a grip
Before 95, we were on some sneaker s**t
Riding down 95, coke and the speaker s**t
We doing shoes and we selling blow
F**k about the state, respect the charge if it’s federal
Yeah the truck’s got the vinyl in it
Riding with the nine on me, how
My ni**a’s smoke put me on the game he said he got killed for doing life, sh*t’s all the same
Word, the ministry, hall of fame
Poverty and…six year’s all the blame
Spread all love save all the pain in the funeral
Or call to the plug can have it all in the range
All the same, how am I gonna board the plane
Give a ni**a couple….you wanna see baller change
I pet you with time, you counting clockwise
Nickname my gun two rush, open your mouth wide

(Verse 2)
Up in the Hollywood hill I’m with this Asian actress
She like my conversation, she say I’m aging backwards
We sipping wine while blazing backwards
For a long time I’ve been blazing rappers
I put it all away, every penny yeah
I pick it up, Atlanta size, cramped ni**a anywhere
Quarter mil worth of jewels on the any given
This is the fully life, we ain’t semi living
Before we blow it down go look at the venue
Everybody eats and nobody look at the menu
This is unwritten imagine the s**t I can
Cars, real estate, and artists the s**t that I’m into
It’s harder when you dumb when smarter it’s simple
I spit the raze out and get your part in the dimple
Even after I put the bound on top of your temple
They don’t want to pull the pump with the doctor convention
Long way coming passing the workout
Sitting on the sauna after we workout
I still riding round with it on my laptop
Young, it’s New York, we put it on the map

(Verse 3)
Open the window let my mama breath blow on my face
Still let…but I leave like a moving bass
Police watching like a ni**a got an open case
Still amazed with all this money that I got in chase