Beenie Man x Ninjaman – Buss Lyrics

Well I’m not sure anymore
Which pu**y mi a go trust pon tour
Mi nuh trust? And a more
That’s why mi naw leave mi 404

(Pre Chorus)
Shot haffi buss
And mi seh shot haffi go buss

Shot haffi buss
And mi seh shot haffi go buss
Buss (Repeatedly)
You rape mi likkle sister shot haffi go buss
You touch the likkle baby shot haffi go buss
Buss, buss
Tek weh the old woman a the bus turminos

I believe the children our future
Teach dem well and let dem see the way
Show dem all the beauty we possessed inside
Give dem the sense of pride
To let it easier
Let the children?
Remind us

Rape the old woman and you life a go fuss
Why the ghetto youth dem a move so bloodtus
One God, one aim and in a one God wi trust
Some bwoy gwaan like dem nuh member Marcus
In a everything member a God come first
Big up Mama Earth cause a she birth us

Mi haffi think how fi meck dem head buss
Talk to mi gock, mi nine and mi tarus
Draw fi mi friend weh name Junior Demos
Beenie Man stand beside mi bwoy bound fi get dust
A suh mi know seh that you well serious
John crow draw last and a me shoot first
Dem never know this a nuh Panilder-dust

(Repeat Chorus)