No Plug On Killing Bankroll Fresh “I Miss Him”

No Plug may have killed Bankroll Fresh but he is not proud of it and is even saying that he misses the budding Atlanta rapper.

Bankroll Fresh was shot and killed in March last year during a shooting incident at the Street Exec recording studio in Atlanta. Shortly after his death, up and coming rapper No Plug did an interview with VLAD where he revealed that he fired the fatal shot that killed the rapper, but he fired in self-defense. He immediately became public enemy number one and received a lot of death threats ever since then.

Both No Plug and VLAD received a lot of backlash from Bankroll Fresh associates and his fans. But police released video surveillance footage that seems to back up No Plug’s claims of shooting in self-defense. Does this means that the case is closed, that we don’t know yet, but we do know that Plug is a free man right now. Speaking with HipHopDX, No Plug says that he misses Bankroll Fresh who was once his friend.

“It really was a whole bunch of Instagram/Twitter little kids who didn’t know what was going on,” said No Plug. “It wasn’t no real street ni**as that was making threats to my life or some sh*t. You can’t get that involved with you because they don’t know me and his situation and how close we really was. It’s cool. I miss that ni**a, though.”