Furtyle Brain – Dogmosh Clan Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Look paw mi you si the dogmosh don
Dogmosh clan
All a mi songs new brand
Flows on auto-docs very usual
Out of this world mi nuh born pon land
Dash weh the horn suh mi waan one song
Fi go buss in a the business like waan bomb
You si mi as a threat suh you call corporal
On your marks get set, chuck off yaw mon
Lyrics a fall like rain, set waan pon
When you catch the lyrics
No forget my song
The melody addictive
And to how mi song bad it likely fi get band
You gyal like mi, shi likely fi get jam
Baptize the c**key in her middle section
souring to new heights mi like the direction
You seh mi soon crash precisely you dead wrong

Dem a seh mi fail
Some a seh mi fool
Nuff a dem a call mi bate
Dem a seh mi horn dem prosthetic and fake
And a tell mi seh dem listen to mi song dem and dem lame
Dutty maga dog dem a exaggerate
Unruly a win tell dem Grizzle Bear
Popcaan fly yhe world like plane
Ching went from carpet to corporate that’s great

(Verse 2)
Dem a chat a bag a things fi try defame mi
Dancehall turn circus dem a blame mi
Bout mi wrenk like goat bright and facey
Tell da book deh seh no bwoy cyaa page mi
Wouldn’t improve if mi born lazy
Suh mi put in the work dog you fi pay mi
Respect in a the streets cause it overdue like utility
Mi seh unruly straight
Suh you could a never si Furtyle Brain a shake
Mi name dem waan write pon fi elevate
This yah elevator yah a go tell dem fi tek the stairs
It is my decision why the doctor meck the incision
Tek out the horn Jah-Jah seh seek fission
Why a my name unuh live on
Hold this….instant notice of eviction

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Dem a wash dem mouth paw mi
But dem breath waan wrence inna Listerine
If you a wash you dutty mouth paw mi
You favor claffy
Inna the Hall of Fame deh suh me belong
Mi put in two horn….
In a the Hall of Fame deh suh me belong
Mi seh Unruly and Dogmosh clang
We a the wickedest try fi remember
Seh lyrics wi chop you up like fi mi blender
And thump you like boxer pon contender
Till dem haffi do some a the work pon you face like a fender
If you diss Pleagure just remember
If you have amnesia just remember seh mi mouth full a lyrics like mouth water
How you fi diss Furtyle Brain you out of order

(Repeat Chorus)