Dexta Daps – Toast Lyrics

Money Isn’t everything
Everybody need it
Suh wi hustle suh wi Mama have it easy
Wi have the Hennessy suh go fi the chaser

Toast to the ghetto
Who suffer most in the ghetto
Then dem meck it out a the ghetto yeah
Ghetto yeah

Ghetto youth fi build a house in a the ghetto
Another house in a the Meadows
Got to put the go to the gether yeah
Ghetto yeah

(Verse 1)
This struggle over cause wi money nougher
And wi Mama tell wi seh wi pickney nuh fi suffer
Rise up from the sofa, youth yo life nuh over
More time in a life you haffi fight it like a soldier
Plus it even harder when time you nuh know Jah
Get up when you drop you haffi tougher
Some bwoy run in a luck until dem luck run over
Wi a hustle, beggars a nuh chooser
Dappa meck wi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Suh meck wi celebrate lie like this
Pop a bottle then I light m spliff
Put mi hand dem to the sky like this and seh
Thank God fi the life I live

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Cause street life a nuh sweet life
Wi a thief light
Go home when it reach night in a these times
Cause when the beas bite
Take a free flight
Body just fold pon the seaside
Maddens wrap it up like chicken file
I see wa mi nuh fi si
But you can see seh me go through allot
And si seh that it necessary fi mi reach

(Repeat Chorus)