Jahmiel – Too Dumb (Vershon Diss) Lyrics

Man never use young fi an excuse
Black spider
Longtime man a meck move

Watch yah, you cyaa too unruly
You haffi think more cleaver
Cyaa meck a man tell you wrong
No, when him know better

Suh when you meck you bag a mistakes
A you self you fi blame youth
Cyaa seh you too young
Cause man young and rich
Suh you should a do the same youth

(Verse 1)
Juise Land dem nuh know bout the streets dem too young
Lesson man a teach dem cyaa learn dem too dumb
Feelings dem a carry and a seh dem nuh catch none
Somebody gas dem up Texaco seh a petcome
Who seh dem a you friends for real run when death come
Dawgs naw leave and seh dem nuh queff none
Likkle bwoy mine mi turn yo youth in a stepson
Hype him a look alright tek some

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Some a dem young and foll
The great man young and rule
Cyaa seh you hot dawg you career turn down and cool
But all now him cyaa see it him is a stubborn mule
This likkle youth fishy from birth
Barbidolly him a play wid when him missing from church
Cyaa dis man and feel this naw go burst
Strength him a look but tell him it naw go work

(Repeat Chorus)