Safaree Says “ShETHER” Is The Most Disrespectful Track He Ever Heard

Safaree Samuels can’t help Nicki Minaj with this one and now the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star is saying the “ShETHER” is the most disrespectful diss track he ever heard.

It’s been four days since Remy Ma dropped her vicious Nicki Minaj diss track and everyone in hip hop is still talking about it. TMZ caught up with Safaree leaving the gym in L.A. this morning and he weighs in on the beef his ex-girlfriend gets caught up in. “It’s probably the most disrespectful record I’ve ever heard in my life,” he said. “That sh*t is very out of pocket.”

When asked if he thinks that Nicki Minaj should respond to Remy Ma, Safaree says he don’t know because what can she say after a diss track like that. “I don’t know,” he added. “Cause it’s like what can you even say … What can you even say to Remy? It’s really not much.” The Jamaican descent rapper also said that he has no intentions of getting involved.

Safaree himself has been having a hard time going anywhere without getting trolled by the diss track. Last weekend we saw a video of him getting a haircut while “ShETHER” is being blast in the barbershop. Then later that night in a club while partying with his friends the track was played.