Future Curses Out Rocko Says He Is Salty Rocko Responded

The fiasco between Future and Rocko is not going away anytime soon, at least until someone pays up or a lawsuit gets thrown out.

Future is dropping a new album HNDRXX this Friday a mere week after dropping his self-titled album last Friday. In a Twitter Q&A on Tuesday, the Freebandz rapper responded to a fan questioned asking him if he is releasing two successive albums because of his rumored settlement with Rocko, who is suing him for $10 million.

“No way in the f*** am I doing that for him, but at the same time you know what am saying sh*t is going to get taken care of,” Future said. “Right now we richer than ever you know what am saying. Ni**as go broke they do dumb sh*t. I don’t know what’s going on but at the end of the day we making hits so if you want to be a part of history you got to do something.”

Rocko has since responded saying that he has nothing against Future but he just wants his percentage nothing more, nothing less. He even posted a promo for Future’s upcoming album while giving a small insight into why he is suing the Atlanta rapper. Despite the rapper’s denial, his new album is being released under Rocko’s label A1 Recordings along with Epic Records and his own label Freebandz.