Rocko Dismisses Rumors On Future Settling Lawsuit

Rocko has stepped forward to dismiss rumors that he and Future settled a lawsuit he filed against the rapper last year.

The internet started buzzing over the weekend claiming that Future and Rocko reached a deal and the Freebandz emcee will cough up royalties from his next two albums and give to the record producer. According to VLAD TV, Future reached a settlement agreement with both Rocko and Ciara and at least one of them is calling the reports bogus.

The site reported that Future and Epic Records cut an agreement with Rocko which will give away all royalties from his next two albums and 50% of his touring revenue for the next two years. Regarding Ciara, the rapper has agreed to issue a public apology and refrain from making any more disparaging remarks about her in interviews or on social media. If he violate the agreement it will cost him $5 million. Future also worked out a plan to pay Epic Records back.

Rocko has dismissed the reports calling it bogus, which means the Ciara part could also be false. Future did post a heartfelt message on Instagram apologizing to all the people he hurt. He didn’t mention Ciara by name.

Seems Rocko is still suing Future for $10 million and the rapper is still has that counter suit open.