Future Slams $10 million Lawsuit Against Him By Rocko

Future is being sued by his former friend Rocko for a whopping $10 million. The Atlanta rapper responds to news of the lawsuit on Twitter, but we can expect a more serious response from his lawyers.

Rocko filed the lawsuit against Future earlier this week and he is gunning for at least $10 million, according to TMZ. The “U.O.E.N.O.” rapper claimed that he was the one who first discovered Future and was a key figure behind the EVOL rapper’s huge success and was never properly compensated for it.

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“Call them people & tellum u was jus playing Brodie,” Future wrote on Twitter. “Real street ni**a went to the court house,how did it feel when u signed the papers. Ion want my ni**a lookin like no baby momma.”

Rocko also claimed that Future signed a multi-album record deal back in 2011 with his label A1 Recordings. He says that under that deal, Future was suppose to release his first six albums under A1, but the rapper broke the terms of that contract when he went on sign a side deal with Epic Records.

Rocko got wound of Future’s tweets on Twitter but seems unfazed by the threats. “LORD KNOWS I HAVEN’T SEEN A COURTHOUSE IN AGES! THAT’S WHAT LAWYERS ARE FOR,” he tweeted. “OLD HOMIE OF MINE ONCE TOLD ME JUST LET THE LAWYERS HANDLE IT.”