Alkaline Released From Jail Without Charge

Alkaline, real name Earlan Bartley, was released from police custody about an hour ago without any charges.

The dancehall hitmaker has been behind bars for five days while held for questioning, but his lawyer, Peter Champagnie, filed court documents earlier today asking for his released and a judge sided with him. A high court judge ruled that police should release Alkaline by 6 PM today or charge him with a crime. He was freed approximately 3 PM on Monday afternoon.

Alkaline or his lawyer did not comment on his release, but over the weekend Peter Champagnie maintained that his client has been fully cooperating with police and will continue to do so. The Vendetta deejay was being interrogated by police as they investigate the gruesome murder of Rohan Morris in from of his 5-year-old daughter in Maverly on January 13.

Alkaline has maintained that he does not know anything about the murder, despite cops insisting that he can assist them in their investigation.