Alkaline Will Be Released Or Charge Today Judge Rule

Update: Alkaline was released from jail without charge you can read full story here.

Original: Earlan Bartley, Alkaline government name, will be released from police custody today or charge with a crime.

The dancehall deejay’s attorney Peter Champagnie filed a habeas corpus this morning in court and a judge sided with him ruling that police should either charge him or release him by 6 PM Monday. In case you’re wondering what is a habeas corpus, it is writ requiring authorities to lay down a charge or free an individual held in custody longer than the required amount of time that the law prohibits.

Alkaline has been in police custody since Thursday of last week and earlier today cops indicated that they still have more questions for the deejay, prompting his attorney to go to court for his release. Champagnie insists that his client has been fully cooperating with police and will continue to do so.

The “Extra Lesson” deejay is being questioned in relation to the police probe of the murder of Rohan Morris, who was shot and killed on January 13 in Maverly. Police say he was shot 15 times in front of his 5-year-old daughter.