50 Cent Pulls Himself Out Of Bankruptcy With A $22 Million Check

50 Cent ended his bankruptcy case with a $22 million check. The G-Unit rapper seems to have a changed of heart about his bankruptcy and opted to alleviate his stress.

Fiddy cut a $22 million check last week to his debtors. Billboard reported that federal judge Ann Nevins approved the discharge on February 2nd in Hartford, Connecticut. This means that 50 Cent is now bankruptcy free after filing chapter 11 in 2015. In his court docs, 50 Cent says he is in debt to the tune of 36 million and has assets less than $20 million.

In July last year, the same judge approved a restructuring of his debt to the tune of $23 million to be paid off over five years. His attorney said that he chooses to pay off his debt early using $8.7 million of his own money along with a recent settlement of $13.65 million from his former law firm for a malpractice suit.

The New York rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, is one of the most commercially successful rappers of all-time. 50 Cent also has a budding acting career and is the creator of the hugely successful Starz Power series.


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