Soulja Boy Calls Out Chris Brown For Backing Out Of Fight “Don’t Get Scared Now”

Soulja Boy says he already signed his contract to fight Chris Brown and he is calling out the R&B singer for backing out of the fight.

In a clip posted on IG, the SODMG rapper, not only confirmed the signing of his side of the contract, but also suggesting that Breezy is backing out of a fight that he initiated. If this is true, we can’t blame Breezy since this has been dragging out for too long. Someone should have gotten knocked out already.

“It’s your boy Soulja Boy and ya’ll know what the f*** going on, big Soulja” the rapper said. “Look man I signed my contract for the boxing match a motherf***** week ago ni***. We waiting on Chris Brown so we can have this mother***** fight man… What you waiting on ni*** don’t get scared now.”

SB also confirmed that Evander Holyfield is now training him, a news that we reported on last month. According to reported, Floyd Mayweather is simply too busy to train the rapper, but some folks are saying that Floyd simply just don’t want anything to do with it because of a statement made by The Game’s manager Wack 100.