Soulja Boy Cut Ties With Floyd Mayweather Training With Holyfield For Chris Brown

Is the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown fight even still happening? At least the SODMG rapper is still pushing for it to happen so he cut ties with Floyd Mayweather and take on Evander Holyfield as his trainer.

The Game’s manager, Wack 100, is promoter the fight and is responsible for hooking up Soulja Boy with the heavyweight boxing champion, TMZ reported. The rapper also manages to convinced Holyfield that he is very serious about the fight and want his expertise. Let’s not forget that Mike Tyson is already in Chris Brown’s camp training the R&B singer.

Just when we thought that this fight has been shelves then these guys hit us with something new that does not involves the date and venue. We have been hearing about this boxing match for a month now and the last bit of information coming from Soulja Boy’s camp is that they are taking the fight to Dubai sometime in March. But still there is nothing concrete and we are sure Chris Brown is growing impatient and might just pull the plug because he got better things to do.