Aidonia – Dem Badness Fraud Lyrics

You could a have one million rifle
Pu**y you a fraud
You a nuh-nuh mad dog
Know few killers suh you come a chat hard
Then you start bwal hear seh a Genna lock yard
Start link macy, you start link Govenna
You start link Jayds and a seh you waan talk
Bwal seh you want it resolve
Suh mi laugh

Pu**y a weh talking a go?
Dawg a weh talking a go?
You get mi mad, You get mi talking nuh cho!

Buss you head look in a you nasty marrow
Shot a claat inna you
Shot a claat inna you
Hallow clip it just a dance in a you
Man a buss up all part in a you

(Verse 1)
Anyweh at all, mi seh anyweh at all
Front page right deh suh catch him a the stall
Him a buy a tin a Betty and a Card
Rup the Beritta never stall
One in a you belly and you bwal
Man drop when the genna, genna, dem a war
Keep hi paw mi belly yow it never-never far
Send dem a grave yard another funeral
Meck a likkle money and you just buy gun
A talk tough, you waan dead? A must time come
Marvally firms the clutch oil down
Rifle a rev like a truck drive down
Somebody head haffi go buss like plum
No wild play caw the bwoy just might run
Run a one program quick-quick-quick
Suh mi get it paw mi phone seh you just lydown

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bad Genna
Dem know wi nuh
From bwoy fi get it mi nuh haffi talk
Watch the word weh you cross
We lock Big Yard, Common Sense, Ackee Walk
Pu**y watch the walk
Watch the size ten matic off
Paw you belly meck it blast, rocket launch
You chat tough, you three points that it cost
The judge a the spin wheeler, skin peeler
Rubber the grip sweeter, clap sweeter
4×4 the hole bigger than a milliliter
Shrub up in a face as you si mi, pu**y seet yah
Hammer pull back yow a fire pon da steel yah
Man a stepper, man a bleacher, nuh skin bleacher
Seh you bad you a dreamer, you a sleeper
Buss up you head, you body haffi bury deeper
Informer peeper

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)