Kendrick Lamar Thanks President Obama “We Really Miss You”

Kendrick Lamar like almost every other celebrity has expressed their sadness after President Barrack Obama leaves office officially on Friday to make way for the Trump presidency.

K-Cot and President Obama have developed a close bond over the years thanks to his conscious raps and for being a part of the President’s mentoring program. The Compton rapper took to Twitter over the weekend to express his feelings on Obama’s last day.

“We really gonna miss you champ,” Kendrick Lamar tweeted. “The good you’ve done & opportunity’s you’ve given. Truly never know what we got til its gone. Thank u.”

The “Blacker The Berry” rapper was joined by a number of other rappers and singers including Snoop Dogg, T.I., Rihanna, Beyonce, and more to bid the President farewell. Lamar has visited the White House perhaps more than any other rappers as part of the “My Brother’s Keeper” mentoring program kick-started by President Obama during the course of his 8-year presidency. Obama often listed Kendrick Lamar songs on his playlists and even revealed that the powerful single “How Much A Dollar Cost” is one of his favorite songs from the rapper.

Kendrick your not alone in missing this great human being President Barrack Obama. We all miss you.


  1. K-Cot? Pretty sure it’s K-Dot

  2. Kendrick and Obama… two brilliant, great men.