Navino – Dream Big Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Some a go laugh
Nough a go criticize
And tell you wan you can and you cyaa do
But you got to believe in yourself and be strong
You can be anything you wanto
Don’t let…..stop you
Some naw believe until it happen
So don’t let them stop you

Dream big, until the dream be reality
Dream big, don’t let them tell you what you cannot be

Dream big, until the dream be reality
Dream big, dream big

(Verse 2)
Started from a vision now dreams turn reality
Nothing stopping mi life a fulfill like a prophecy
All mi dreams mi a go for hi
Future bright and coloury
Mi pray Jah, Jah, cover mi
Cause I believe in my self
I know that I can make it
Know that am the greatest

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Some nuh waan you do better than dem
When you a strive expect problem
Just remember seh a Jah control you destiny
You can, you can, do anything you want
Cause you can get you mind to it execute that plan
Nobody can stop you

(Repeat Chorus)