Hoodrich Pablo Juan feat. Playboi Carti – Swerving n’ Serving Lyrics

(Intro – Hoodrich Pablo Juan)
Ha ha ha ha ha
It’s Pablo Juan, Hoodrich ni**a
You know we outta here
Outta space
Outta town
Swerving and serving
Swerving and serving
Swerving and serving
I’m serving I’m serving
Pablo Juan
You know what’s going on ni**a hoodrich ni**a
Swerve up on these ni**as
Lets go

(Chorus – Pablo Juan)
I’m Serving and swerving
Swerving and serving
Swerving and serving
Serving and swerving
I’m Swerving, I’m swerving
I’m serving, I’m serving
I’m serving, and swerving
Ni**a I’m serving and swerving
I’m on that syrup I’m swerving, shut up
I’m on them xans, I’m serving, shut up
I’m on the lean and the perc
Serve you a bag of them birds
Choppa with a hundred, Glock with a thirty
Murder a ni**a then I pull off swerving
Tricked him on purpose, I’m serving bih
He acting too nervous, ain’t serving
Swerving and serving
Swerving and serving
Swerving and serving
I’m swerving and serving and serving

(Verse 1 – Hood Rich Pablo Juan)
I’m swerving and serving got bags in the burlap
I’m the plug not a worker, I’ll merk ya or murder
Master splinter, got flavors like Ninja Turtles
Rollie a 30 that Glock hold a thirty
Serve you a bird for the thirty
Grip set like I’m Stephen Curry
Ni**a, I keep it on me when I’m serving
Swerving, stash spot in the Suburban
I’m on the perc with the lean and the
You p**y ni**a, see you getting nervous
Ni**a I keep it on me when I’m swerving
Real ni**a I keep serving
Put a barre in a 20, I drink dirty
Real ni**a like Pimp C, C-Murder
I pull up on ya, curbside swerving

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Playboi Carti)
I’m swerving, I’m swerving, ooh, aye
I’m riding suburban
Yo bi**h she calling, she tell us you working, she work, ooh
Tell her get off and come work, come work
Up in Atlanta we chopping wit hammers
My ni**as they coming, and we blam, ooh
I been sip Fanta, they coming wit hammers
My ni**as they coming in and handle it, oh
35 hunnit for dat little coat
I told that bih that I’m having
I used to ride these lil ni**as for ropes
Until I took that sh*t to Cali, ooh
Counting these rolls, I’m having these rolls
I swear these lil ni**a’s move back
All up in traffic, ooh
Pablo went trapping and Carti went trapping in aston

(Repeat Chorus)