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Alkaline’s Popcaan Diss “Microwave” Tops 1 Million Views Less Than A Week

Alkaline is rocking up the views for his Popcaan diss track “Microwave.” The single tops a million views in less than a week after uploaded to YouTube.

The track triggered a flurry of memes similar to the Drake and Meek Mill beef when the Toronto rapper dropped “Charged Up” and then “Back To Back” which went on to earn a Grammy nomination. The diss record “Microwave” itself went harder than Drake on “Back To Back” when you line up the content together, but whats even more impressive for Alkaline is how fast dancehall fans is consuming the track.

Popcaan has yet to respond to the Vendetta deejay even after dropping a second diss track this week. In case your one of the many who are wondering what started this beef, here is what we know. Sources told us that Poppy has been dropping subliminal disses for Alkaline in several tracks last year, but things reached a boiling point for Alka when Poppy alleged used material from his New Level Unlocked album with authorization.

“A lot of people didn’t notice when Microwave (Popcaan) was saying all type of things about Alkaline in songs, but as soon as him start get conk the whole place turn upside down,” sources told Urban Islandz. “Things really get out of hand when he used New Level Unlocked without authorization, so if you look at it he caused all of this on himself.”

Only time will tell if we will ever get a response from Popcaan. In the meantime, Alkaline continues to pepper the Unruly gang with diss tracks.

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  1. coulda get 1 billion views lol, nuh answer him poppy, tommy done shell him weh