50 Cent Making Less Than A Grand A Month Off G-Unit Bankruptcy Docs Reveals

50 Cent is making less than a thousand dollars a month off his label G-Unit but he is still signing new artists.

The New York rapper’s bankruptcy docs have been made public and gives us more insight into his finances. As part of his $23 million payment plan to his debtors over five years, 50 Cent had to make available his income and expenses. TMZ published his November bank statement which shows that he made $769.34 off his label G-Unit Records.

Despite making such small amount of cash from the label, 50 Cent is still signing new artists including Kidd Kidd who is about to drop his debut project “Peanut From Mazant.” The label also recently signed Uncle Murda and has a bunch of other artists still signed. In fact 50 is making way more money from royalties than he is making from G-Unit. Over the month he made $33,361.02 from music royalty from his old music. 50 Cent remained one of the most commercially successful rap artists to date in terms of album sales.

The rap mogul also made $16.68 off an appearance in the “Simpsons” back in season 16 in 2005. His expenses is significantly higher than his income with $113,103.56 leaving his account for child support, car note payments and mortgage. His baby mama Daphne Joy is getting $1,267 monthly for their son and his longtime baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins is getting $7,497 monthly.