Masicka – Wicked Heart Lyrics

Man a meck some different steps now
Wid some different task
That a f**k up wicked heart

Have tune weh a tear down place now d
And a kick down chart
That a f**k up wicke heart

Two man a pla fool on time
Think dem smart
That a f**k up wicked heart

(Verse 2)
And it look like wi cyaa broke again
Look like wi naw broke again
Wi a burn failure
Money man a meck
Youths never meck fi go in a dem jail yah
A true man brave dem a try draw wi out
Wi buss dem head middle day and nuh cater
But man a…..paper
Some Benz and some acre
Tell dem everything pay for
Caw wi pay attention, wi nuh time waster
Now the life hater

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A just wi ambition separate wi
Nough couldn’t hold out pon the mission
Man done si the vision
Suh wi nuh find excuse
Man work under any condition
Nothing dem nuh gi man
Wi respect wi when you si man
Man a ball like AC-Millan
Haffi use the brain weh Jah-Jah, gi man
Cause anything a we wrong
And dem waan wi drop in a the jail

(Repeat Chorus 2X)