Nicki Minaj Crying Her Eyes Out Over Meek Mill Breakup and Cheating

Nicki Minaj is taking her breakup with Meek Mill very hard especially since the details of his cheating allegations are coming to light.

The couple split two weeks ago on her 34th birthday while they were vacationing in Turks and Caicos. Our sources close to the Trinidadian superstar told us that she has been crying hard and her mother and close friends are trying their best to console her. “She took it very hard like she cries a lot about it,” sources told us. “Her mother and her friends in her inner circle have been trying their best to console her but its not enough she is really hurt.”

Our source declined to comment on Meek Mill’s cheating allegations with a boutique owner, but did confirmed with us that they are broken up for something serious and possibly for good this time. “This is not just one of their usual fight and breakup then makeup, this is pretty serious, she loves him deeply so its no surprise that she is taking it so hard,” our source added.

Throughout this year, Nicki and Meek have broken up a handful of times and always seems to work things out and get back together, but only time will tell if this latest snag in their romance is temporary. Their split is serious enough for both of them to stop following each other on Instagram and leaving a trail of cryptic messages.

On Sunday night Meek Mill even posted a picture of a lingerie clad female on IG leaving everyone guessing whether or not its Nicki Minaj. Turns out the the cakes belong to a female name Sonye, who owns a boutique in Philadelphia that the rapper paid for. The two reportedly had a year long relationship as his side piece and that has been causing a lot of problems for Omeeka. He also teased a photo of her on Snapchat but then posted the word “Confidential” when fans started to bombard him with questions. The “PinkPrint” rapper has been staying off social media for the most part except for leaving this cryptic messsage a few days ago.

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Story of my life. Praise God. ?? RP #Kandi

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Somewhere there is Safaree Samuels and Drake laughing while watching all of this unfold.

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  1. These two deserve each other the way they treated Safaree on Twitter I tell you Karma is a b