Savage.. Gucci Mane Exposed Angela Yee Live “She Tried To Smash”

Gucci Mane exposed Angela Yee live on The Breakfast Club on Friday and its working in his favor because he has a new album out today.

Guwop is making the press rounds today promoting his new album “The Return Of East Atlanta Santa.” But during his sit down on The Breakfast Club, the Atlanta rapper spill some tea on host Angela Yee, claiming that she tried to smash back in the day. Yee flatly denied the accusation but the entire exchange was awkward and hilarious.

“We already had a history,” Gucci said while Charlamagne asked him if he had “smash Angela Yee.” She quickly interjected and said “of course not.” The look on Guwop face when she denied it was priceless, watch the clip below. “She was on my d*ck back then,” the Woptober emcee added. “I’m not lying. She text me like, ‘what hotel you was at?’ You don’t remember that time we did that interview a long time ago with Melissa Ford, and you was calling me?”

Yee flat out denied the accusations saying “That was a lie. We were cool.”

Twitter is having a field day over the interview with some fans praising Gucci Mane for spilling the tea, while others are calling for him to cough up some proof. Perhaps Melissa Forde need to comment on the accusations and shed some light on whether or not that interview did happened. One thing both Gucci and Angela Yee agreed on was the they never smashed, but everything else is all up to he said she said.

Gucci Mane is currently engaged to his longtime girlfriend Keyshia Ka’oir and the pair are expected to get married sometime next year. He proposed to her last month while at a Atlanta Hawks game. Were they dating when Yee allegedly tried to hook up with Gucci.