Soulja Boy Trolling Lil Yachty Over India Love Leaked Tape

In case you noticed India Love has been trending on Twitter its all because of a leaked tape and now Soulja Boy is trolling Lil Yachty over it.

A short explicit clip allegedly of the reality star/model hit the net early Tuesday morning. Of course Twitter has since deleted the video but its posted elsewhere. The 22 seconds long clip is clearly two women, you can’t see none of their faces but the person who leaked the video wrote on Twitter that it is India Love. Needless to say that he has been getting a lot of criticisms on the social network for leaking the video. She was also identified by her tattoo on her butt. The other female in the video was the one clearly recording things so you can only see her hands.

Lil Yachty is also getting some free press because of the video. Remember his infamous beef with Soulja Boy last month over India Love. Well it seems folks have been taking him in the video and bombarding his page with questions about the clip. In his defense he made it clear that she is not his girl. “That’s not my girl y’all stop tagging me please,” he responded. “Lol, man waking up and checking twitter it’s always something new that’s really crazy on the internet lmao.”

Soulja Boy first reaction to the leaked video was to send his well wishes to India Love, but he quickly turn petty against his rap nemesis Lil Yachty. “Keep your head up love. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Bless up,” Soulja wrote.

“First Yachty say delete the pic of me and India its his girlfriend now her tape leaked he say its not his girl and stop taggin him SMH!,” the Love and Hip Hop star wrote before adding “Wow he started all that beef and drama just to say she not his girl. Ni**a stick by ur chick lmao don’t be embarrassed now.”

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