Soulja Boy Beefing With Everybody: Threatens Migos Quavo & Shia Labouf

Soulja Boy seems to be the common denominator in a lot of the rap beefs going on right now and most of it is playing out on social media.

Last month we saw him going after Lil Yatchy over reality star India Love and now he is threatening Migos member Quavo and actor Shia Labouf. Yesterday he also released a diss track aimed at Quavo titled “Beef.” Now he is shooting a music video for that track with an AK-47 rifle in his hand.

The source of Soulja Boy and Migos beef is still unknown and the diss track didn’t help us understand what’s going on either. “Quavo hit my phone say he want beef / Must don’t know I’ll knock out his teeth / I pull up in the north side shoot with the 223 / Migos ain’t s**t to me / Spray with the Draco leave them pu**y ni**as history,” the SODMG rapper raps.

Soulja posted several videos on Instagram dissing Quavo and Shia Labouf and then deleted most of them. But he has been getting a lot of criticism from Twitter and industry personality like Charlamagne Tha God who gave him Donkey of the Day.

Since we are wondering what is the story behind the beefs, Soulja Boy is asking Charlamagne for a sit down on The Breakfast Club to break things down for us.

The rest of Twitter is not amused by his antics and even The Game manager Wack100 is telling him to calm down. “This is a loosing battle,” Wack wrote. “Your on the West and Quavo is FAMILY and we gone deal with it like he’s family. Your right in the Valley my ni**a I suggest you relax.”