Charly Black Single “Party Animal” Went Diamond

Charly Black is celebrating a landmark achievement for his career and for dancehall music after his single “Gyal Yuh A Party Animal” went diamond.

The track was released back in 2013 but grew in huge popularity this year, prompting the Trelawny deejay to released a video over the summer that has since rocked up 36 plus million views on YouTube. The Kurt Riley-produced single was also a huge hit in Central America this year particularly in Costa Rica.

“IM NOW A DIAMOND SELLING ARTISTE, past silver/past gold/past platinum now its DIAMOND give god the glory,” Charly Black said on IG. “I want to thank everyone who has been showing there support on my achievements most of my close friends cryed tears of joy like i did cause you all know how hard i work and sacrifices I’ve made fr 2007 until now.”

Certifying diamond means that the single sold over 10 million copies worldwide.