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Lloyd Banks – Last Of A Dope Era Dying [New Music]

Lloyd Banks is making good on his promise to release more singles from his “Blue Friday” series. “Last Of A Dope Era Dying” is the second single to be released in the series. So we can look forward to the former G-Unit rapper dropping a new single every Friday, which means every weekend from now on you will have a Lloyd Banks track to listen to.

The track was produced by Sean Keaton The HNIC. Take a listen below and check out the full lyrics.

All that s**t together don’t equal love to the work
I’m supplying
What you selling we ain’t buying
You ni**as got it watered down the most
I could see your ending already
And the timing is close
We done came too far to have a setback
That bullsh**t ain’t flying
You done fell victim to all the lying
Your on your the way out and you know it, loaded
Last of a dope era dying

Lloyd Banks – Last Of A Dope Era Dying Lyrics

Listen full track below.