Munga – Gyalis For Sure Lyrics

Man a bloodclaat gyalls and mi real sure
I got to be sure
So nough like sand pon the seashore
Woman cyaa too much suh mi need more
Portmore, yeah to Portmore, more
Portland girls tell mi this you go sure
Mi nuh sword man mi nuh Izildore

(Verse 1)
Wi a get gyal from Professor Nuts was
Addi was black
Before…..first track
Wi have gyal a back it up way back
From way back, long before Mayback
That a long before Beenine sing Sim-Simma
Before him tek weh angel from Killa
From dem time deh till now an still a kotch gyal pon pillow
Water House to Orange villa

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wingy, w a get pu**y before wi get visa
Ask Debo and pisa
Wa meck the gya dem love wi suh Eeh sah
Ask Vanessa and Lisa
Gyal send on digit and now shi waan visit
Seh if a nuh me a win the British
Wi have gyal weh tall, gyal weh short like Migit
A nuh Mc hammer but the gyal dem seh wi too ligit

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
MI have gyal a whine pon it and talk
Inna the early morning part
Ask Venus, Electra, and Sparks
A long before Blak Ryno murder Kippo
From ZJ Lig=quid name Lippo
A we have the prettiest girls up a Islington
Ask Roger, Warlord annd Richo

(Repeat Chorus)

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