Kid Ink feat. Verse Simmonds – Tonight Lyrics

(Intro – Kid Ink])
Uh, uh, It’s another one, and another one
Alumni, yeah

(Chorus – Verse Simmonds)
I know you’re used to me spending, I know what you’re used to
And all that sweet wining and dining, all the things I got you
Slow love and all that affection, tell me what you need girl
Right now we gon try something different, this is what you want girl
I’m f**king you, I’m f**king you, I’m f**king you tonight
I’m f**king you, I’m f**king you, I’m f**king you tonight
Ay, take a sip and light that dutchie up, ay and she like it when we do it rough
I’m f**king you, I’m f***ing you, I’m f**king you tonight

(Verse 1 – Kid Ink)
You say that the molly might, bring the freak out you tonight
Well, ain’t no pressure you decide, but no girl I’m usually right
Up late night, we vampires and baby no I’m used to bites
I just tell her hop on up and ride me like a scooter bike
Been in and twisting your limbs, ni**a so cool, I f**k you in lenses
Tell that I’ve been in the gym, the way that I lift you up like a bench press
Baby keep running it back, first down, she taking the
Don’t think about taking them heels off, you keeping them on when I’ve paid for them
Round 2 and I light the blunt, blazing
Round 3, I close the blinds because you don’t like the sun beaming in the morning
Always sleeping in, girl turn off your ringer
Wake up in the afternoon, I might take you to nemo’s

(Repeat Chorus)

(Bridge – Verse Simmonds)
I know what you’re used to, baby yeah I got you
Girl I ain’t going to lie to you, you deserve the ball, baby you deserve it all
You deserve to tear the mall down, you deserve a freak, you deserve someone to put it down

(Verse 2 – Verse Simmonds)
Pull up the driveway, up on Popeyes, baby order what you want
Pretty boogie bi**h, she know a ni**a rich, she running up a note
I don’t never tell her no, I just rather tell her go, then I tell her go low
I told that bi**h, swallow, baby you owe me something, owe me back like you owe your taxes
Show me something, pay me back when you do it like that
I know you love when I’m in love to you, girl tonight I’m tryna f**k you like you want me to

(Bridge 2 – Kid Ink)
I know what you’re used to
I know what you’re used to, breakfast at Tiffany’s and dinner at Katsuya
That sh*t the usual, but you know where I want go, swerve out and tap that like a drum roll

(Outro – Kid Ink)
Here’s another one, and another one, here’s another one
Oh yeah
Kid Ink, Verse