Chilando – Pu**y Feelings Lyrics

Use you did sure mi
After you tek mi sexual healing
Otherwise call it cheating
Now am telling you girl
What am really feeling

Girl mi a carry pu**y feelings
Feelings for you
Mi a meck you life a living hell
If mi cyaa meck love to you

Girl mi a carry pu**y feelings
Feelings for you
Mi a meck it obvious seh wi meck love
When him turn him back pon you

(Verse 1)
Back then girl you tell mi everything good
Seh mi have a big hood
But it seems like we misunderstood
Seh mi create a massacre meck you reach yo climax
And some place you never could
Now you a tell mi bout top session
Girl better use your discretion
Because you naw live in peace
Now my madness has increase

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
After you f**K mi suh
How do you expect mi fi move on
Well don’t tell mi fi calm
Because you tek mi fi clown
Gald you hear mi a meck a lot of sound

Mi a go walk you down call mi a stalker
Call the police pon mi, mi tek charge fa
Look a job a you workplace
You haffi si mi face
You better tek it to the pastor

(Repeat Chorus)

Even if you find yo self pon the other side a word
Mi a find you girl
Believe me I’ll be here, here, anywhere you turn
Pu**y feelings is like a disease
You release the beast
Cause girl mi wi kill fi fimmi turn
Tell him mi a you cousin
That wi tek you out a trouble
You shouldn’t waan cut left mi all of a sudden
After you tell mi, mi a the best f**k you get
Mi have every right fi upset

(Repeat Chorus)