Prince Estate Rejects Jay Z $40 Million Deal For Unrelease Music Catalog

Prince Estate told Jay Z no deal for his unreleased music catalog and by the way we will also reviewed his TIDAL deal.

Last month, Jay Z made a $40 million offer to Prince’s estate for his massive catalog of unreleased music but the management of his estate declined the offer saying that they want nothing to do with such a deal.

After getting news of the deal, the estate fired off a letter to Jay Z and company last month telling them that there is zero interest in signing a deal for “Roc Nation to exploit any of the intellectual property assets of the Estate,” TMZ reported.

The estate isn’t stopping there because before his death, Prince signed a deal with TIDAL to stream his last album “HitNRun Phase One.” But now his estate is claiming that since his death TIDAL has been streaming 15 of the pop icon’s albums. With that said, they are expecting a big check or a lawsuit could be coming TIDAL’s way.

Prince died on April 21, 2016 at his home at Paisley Park. His autopsy report suggest that he died from an overdose on Opioid. He battle an addiction to Opioid for years and was trying to get help moments before his death.

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