Ciara Drops Lawsuit Against Future Says It’s Not Worth It

Ciara says her career success is getting in the way of her lawsuit against Future so she drops it.

TMZ reported that Ciara’s attorney, Larry Stein, filed legal documents dismissing the case against her baby daddy. This means that Future has one less legal problems to deal with.

Her dropping the lawsuit comes as no surprise because a judge shot down part of her case last week ruling that a bunch of tweets are not enough to be defamation. Ciara would also have to prove that she endured serious financial loss to even getting close to winning a defamation lawsuit that size.

Earlier this year, Ciara filed a $15 million lawsuit against Future claiming that he damaged her brand with a series of rants on Twitter calling her a b**ch. She claimed that she lost a major global endorsement deal because of it. But Seems Cici is bouncing back because she just signed a new deal to be Revlon’s Global Brand Ambassador.

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