Bobby Shmurda Gets 7-Year Prison Sentence, Tried To Get Out Plea Deal

Bobby Shmurda was sentenced to seven years in prison despite trying to get out of his plea deal.

The New York rapper received the sentencing on Wednesday when he appeared in court with his lawyer. But before the judge could hand down the sentence, Shmurda requested in court that he want to back out of the plea deal that he took last month.

“I want to drop my plea and fire you,” the “Hot N**ga” rapper told his attorney, the NY Daily News reported. “I was forced to take this plea. I do not want to take this plea.”

The judge eventually rejected his plea and handed down the sentencing which is in line with his plea agreement. Before taking the deal, Bobby Shmurda was facing 25 years to life imprisonment.

The good thing for him is that he already served close to two years in jail and will be credited for time served.