Taurus Riley Headlines The 2017 One Love Festival

Taurus Riley is set to appear on the upcoming “One Love Festival”.

It is no surprise that Riley landed a line-up in the Bob Marley Musical. The vocalist is known for his feel good reggae songs such as “She’s Royal”, “Superman” and “Never Leave I”. He recently collaborated with Major Lazer and Ellie Goulding on the single “Powerful.”

The “One Love Festival” was first held in 1978 to promote peace, love and unity by Bob Marley who tried to rescue Jamaica from the brink of civil war. Marley first staged his show when political violence created havoc in Jamaica. This time around the festival will be held in Tauranga, New Zealand on February 4-5. Over 80 band is set to play live on two stage, this is projected to be the biggest sound clash ever.

Promoter Pato Alvarez told New Zealand Media during an interview that, he expects the audience to outnumber last year’s 15,000 attendees. He further expressed that  “Reggae is all about love, positive vibes and standing up for what you believe in,” while adding “when you are at the One Love Festival you can feel that throughout the crowd and the performers. It creates an electric atmosphere.”

Aside from Tarrus Riley, the festival will feature artist such as Junior Reid, Lee “Scratch” Perry and Big Youth, while Bass Odyssey and Saxon Sound System will showdown.