Elephant Man Baby Mama Murdered At Her Home

Elephant Man and at least one of his children are mourning the death of his baby mama.

Sources are telling us that Shamara Grant’s, also known as Ratty, body was found at her home in St. Andrew on Sunday with multiple gunshot wounds. Cops have also confirmed the murder but so far have no leads or motives for the killing.

Elephant Man fathered over 20 kids with several baby mamas. Just last week, one of his sons, who is an aspiring, dancehall artist blast Ele calling him a deadbeat dad.

“Those who don’t know already, Elephant Man is my father,” Ele Trunk said. “However, in my interviews, I want to speak less about him. He is a good artiste, and I want to make my music known as Ele Trunk and not Elephant Man’s son.”

Elephant Man has not commented on the news.

Story still developing check back for more details.


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