Wiz Khalifa Featuring J.R. Donato – Stranger Things Lyrics

Yeah, hehehe

(Verse 1 – Wiz Khalifa)
Wake up and bake
Never hate, gotta get to this cake
I never stress but this money I stake
I brush my teeth, pray, wash my face
And thank God I stay far away from the fakes
Remember days wasn’t safe
Now we got thousands tucked in the safe
Target practice case you wanna come and see
I take a look in the mirror at G in front of me
Difference between having dreams and being a wannabe
And living comfortably
I took my dreams and made em something
Doesn’t mean that I don’t wake up with the same hunger
Another mansion for my team, couple wave runners
Couple ni**a want our spot but they can’t take it from us
I’m busy smoking like Jamaicans
Never worry bout you ni**as
Hate, you jealous, I can see it on your face
I seen 100 dollar bills falling yesterday
I heard em ask who fault it is then I spoke my name
Young Khalifa man

It’s like I’m talking to a stranger
A stranger, a stranger, a stranger
Now everybody getting stranger
They’re stranger, they’re stranger, they’re stranger
I think I’m in danger, gotta wake my game up
Gotta stay the same, watching everybody change
Ah now they’re getting stranger
They’re stranger, they’re stranger, they’re stranger

(Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifa)
I wrote my name on the clouds
Said no waiters allowed
Do anything to make my Taylors proud
I do a show, throw a J in the crowd
Some say I got they favorite style
You in the game, never make it out
I blow a pound, rolling weed by the ounce
Them ni**as talk but they can’t amount
Big bands in my bank account
Seen it all, I’ve been here before
Calculate my moves but nah it’s kinda difficult
I’m always switching up and doing s**t in intervals
Now we professionals, nah we ain’t letting go
Them ni**as talk not what they doing but they moving slow
While I’m knee deep in the game, Mr. Doing More
This the part where the teacher becomes the student
And you start to realize I’m the younging you need to move with
Girls run up on me, tell me they love my music
Ni**as try to be genuine I know it’s bulls**t

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – JR Donato)
They beat me up so of course they wanna ride with us
You wasn’t trapping on them blocks, you wasn’t outside with us
A couple .40’s, you got some 9’s with us
And they can’t beat us so of course they wanna side with us
They say if you ain’t got no haters you ain’t popping
I got pu**y ni**as, I got bi**hes pocket watching
I got blue hundreds on me in LA
I come straight from Hollywood then I pull up in the projects, go
Ay sorry homie you a stranger
One off in the head if I ever feel in danger
Started at the bottom but God damn it I done came up
Trill with my ni**as, they can never say I changed up
Two cups stuffed and I get it out the mud
All I see is real hate, ni**as showing fake love
Giving fake handshakes and that come with fake hugs
But I promise I’m the same
Forever gang-gang

(Repeat Chorus)