Sean Kingston Exposed The Game in Meek Mill Beef, Says He is Responsible for Club Robbery

Sean Kingston and The Game went at each other on Saturday as the Meek Mill and Game beef drags on on social media.

Kingston was directly involved in the beef from the start but remained quiet at least until now. The Compton emcee started dissing Meek a few days ago when he not only dropped a diss track “92 Bars” but also ripped him on stage during a performance in Miami. Sources say that their beef started from the whole Sean Kingston robbery at a club in Los Angeles back in June. Seems all of that were true.

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Last night Sean Kingston breaks his silence in a series of videos posted on Instagram which he has since deleted. “This bum need proof show when I called u show a police report that got my name anywhere in it!!! I was raised by OG’s we don’t talk to police stop lying and Man up oh u can’t I forgot HO= MAN SMH,” Kingston wrote in the caption of one of the videos he posted showing off his expensive jewelries.

In one of the videos, Sean Kingston rant about what happened in the club the night he was robbed saying that The Game goons were involved. “You trying to sell some albums, how the f*** you going to beef with a pop star ni**a,” he said. “You know what the f*** happened in the club. Your ni**as ran up hit me in my head with a bottle and then took off my jewelry, nobody shot any favors for me.”

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The Game responded giving his side of the story saying that Sean Kingston hit him up after getting robbed saying that he want his help to get back his jewelry. According to Game, the robbery was an inside job done by someone in Sean Kingston’s inner circle.

“#FACTS @SeanKingston you fat scary lying as ni**a on here playing games wit this pu**y @meekmill,” The Game said. “Frontin’ for these people. Ni**as in yo own circle set you up, whooped yo as in the club & took all yo sh*t off yo neck in front of your security & yo ni**as & they watched it happened. You telling police I had sumn to do with you gettin robbed & I set you up cause Meesha punk as told you that is some hoe sh*t.”