Usain Bolt ‘I Am A Legend Now’ Talks Bora Bora With Girlfriend Kasi Bennett

Usain Bolt says he now feels like a true legend after winning three gold medals at the 2016 Rio Olympic games last month.

Speaking with Loop, the sprint legend says that after Rio he definitely feels like he achieved his dream of being the greatest of all time. “Back to back I am the best and I think I’ve done it,” Bolt said. “When people put me in the same sentence with Muhammad Ali … I think I’ve really accomplished what I’ve always wanted to.”

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After a hugely success stint in Rio, Bolt’s off the track life have made headlines across the globe with some leaked photos of him in bed with a Brazilian female and photoed in a club in Rio kissing another.

But as soon as he landed in Jamaica, Usain Bolt took his girlfriend Kasi Bennett and bolted for Bora Bora for a much needed vacation. “Nice people, I got a lot of love there and that was very nice.

Bolt also spoke about his plans after retirement saying that he will be opening up a clinic in Jamaica to help young athletes with injuries. “A few things I am trying to focus on and one of them is trying to develop a clinic in Jamaica for the young athletes to help them with injuries,” he said.