Lil Uzi Vert – Michael Jordan Lyrics

Huh, yeah
Can’t rap, Lil Uzi, think I suck
I sing in the trap

I’m Jordan, Michael Jordan
I’m Jordan, Michael Jordan
I’m Jordan, Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan, what I can’t do?
I’m Jordan
I’m Jordan
I’m Jordan, Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan, I’m the GOAT

(Verse 1)
Yeah I’m getting money
Yeah I’m getting money f**k ni**a how could you tell
I’m getting my drugs in the mail
I make it rain, grab a pail
I got more bills than the mail
Opposite of a female
On the table got three pills
Baow-baow-baow, I’m the three shells
My bread is older, it’s stale
Ni**a hate on me, oh well
Leave they ass salty like snails
Vegan b**ch only eat kale
The carnivore in
I’m running the game and you should deffo do the same
I am ahead of the trail
Yes I do f**k with Young Thugger
I smell good, this YSL
Slime, slime, slime like YSL
Blat-blat-blat like YSL
I got bars not seen in jail
Xanny bars keep me so still
Whats crackingto my cousin Sia?
My ni**a….they oh so for real
I’m not set tripping I just keep it trill
I’ma keep counting this money till I count up to a mil
Eating pu**y, that’s the meal
You play with yourself until your arm strong just like Neil
I’m the greatest

(Repeat Chorus)