Popcaan – RPG (Mavado Diss) Lyrics

Dread bombohole weh you feel like?
You cyaa style none a my friend dem in a no batty argument bwoy
You nuh si seh you a fish
A badman song that
Hear wa a gwaan
St. Thomas
RPG, Spanish Town
Weh dem deh do

RPG Doraine a go read bout yo bloodcl*** body tonight pon the damn TV
Buss out the dread bwoy head wid the bombocl*** RPG
Mi zoom up you funeral from 08
Tonight, and a watch it in a 3D
RPG, bombocl***

(Verse 1)
Bwoy tek one month fi find tune
A wa happen to Jamaican Meek mill
Mi clip dem pack up like yellow bus
And none a dem don’t waan refill
The dread a nuh nothing fi me kill
You grave a nuh nothing fi me build
A walking ghost suh a free kill

Bwoy member a you tell Jamaica a bwoy like you
A the oxe dem mi use pon a bwoy like you
Chap you up like steam calla-loo
Five shot in a you head and everything fly through
Miller 9 know you a punk
All you a do a pull badman stunt
Brand new simith and west weh mi go lift up
And meck the dutty dread bwoy swallow black blunt

Wa do da bwoy yah weh bad every month
Weh nam bare gyal in a him new blue Benz front
Pu**y you done dead from 08
In a 016 a yo ghost mi a hunt
Mi meck you move inn in a hearse
You cyaa style Jamie Roberts
You fi talk bout over south beach
One in a yo face Tameka skirt

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bwoy a tell mi him a Gad mi nuh Haily
Yo brother is a fish use the mathic and scale him
Bwoy haffi jump pon railing
Every shot connect in a him mi nuh graze him
Bwoy how mi fi thief chi ching hook
And a me give Chi Ching Ching rhw song book
Sutherland dem don’t rate no damn brooks
Bwoy loc cook when the glock shook

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Tell dem, St. Thomas man born and mi proud
And mi Grandspen friend dem wi buss you head loud
Funny Gad marrow gone up in a the cloud
Mack 90 go left him spread out pon the road
Funny Gad mi nuh tek press
Gunshot mi send mi nuh send text
Bwoy a feel up DJ Khalid
And a tell bad man him a the best

(Repeat Chorus)