Common Featuring PJ, Marsha Ambrosius – Lovestar Lyrics

(Chorus Marsha – Ambrosius)
You’re my love star
What we gonna do baby?
You’re my love star
What we gonna do baby?

(Verse 1 – Common)
I’m on what? What you on to?
I’m the sun god, let me warm you
The Lord form you
Pull your dress up, ain’t nothing formal
Our fragrance is patience
We can major in communication
Relating like cousins
Though we kissing though
Love can be sick or medicinal
A doctor of it
You gots to love it
God body language I be spitting while we f**king
In your ear with something it ain’t clear
On your inside it appear
So somehow you’re here
I’m saying I wanna stay inside
They say I’m a deep ni**a I’ma go way inside
Of everything you are
Cause everything you are is my love star

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Common)
I ain’t the type to be all up on your social
Or in your face vocal the way a man supposed to
A choosy lover, I chose you
God’s most beautiful creation, let me mold you
You already in shape, that’s more love to make
Feel free when I’m with you it’s hard to escape
When we need a break
We take it
When two souls connect you can’t fake it
TV shows and cakes, I know your favorite
Cut from the same cloth, let’s wear it
This ain’t about labels, this about fit
Since God designed, we can start our own life
Our offspring will be you, me, and He combined
We walk the runway like blaow
Being in love is never out of style

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – PJ)
Heaven accretes you and…down here
Cause you make this all worth it
We do this on purpose
The love we make is certain
I’m so caught in your arm
If you’re lost in your thoughts
I want to be your everything forever

(Repeat Chorus)

Forever, I wanna be forever
Forever, star
Love star, love star