Popcaan #RPG Calls Mavado The Jamaican Meek Mill ‘Stop Feel Up DJ Khaled’

Popcaan already dished out a response to Mavado’s gritty diss track “Funeral” and he went all out. Check out his new track “RPG.”

Not only did the “Unruly Boss” deejay called Mavado the Jamaican Meek Mill, but he also suggested that he is having relations with DJ Khaled. Of course there may be no truth to that, but in dancehall warfare its all part of the game, nothing is off limits.

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“Boy take one month fi find tune / A what happen to Jamaican Meek Mill / Me clip them pack up like yellow house and none a them don’t want refill,” Popcaan deejay over a beat produced by NotNice. “Funny god mi no take press / Gunshot me send me no send text / Bwoy a feel up DJ Khaled and a tell badman him a the best.”

While some dancehall fans are calling the song weak, Popcaan is getting a lot of support for holding his own against Mavado who is a seasoned veteran from his Gully/Gaza feud with Vybz Kartel back in the mid 2000s.

Listen to Popcaan single “RPG” below.