DJ Infamous Featuring Ludacris, Yo Gotti & Jeezy – Run The Check Up Lyrics

(Intro – Jeezy)
Fresh up out the shower, smelling like some money
Spent another hour thinking bout some money
These ni**ag want the fame, bi**h I want some money
See ain’t nothing changed, I just want some money
This for them hating ni**as and them hating hoes I can’t forget
I been on the Avion all night, you know I’m lit
She say Young your neck sick look like it need a check up
I say bi**h one thing about I try to run the check up

(Verse 1 – Jeezy)
My neck’s game killing, wrist game killing
Hop up out this motherf**ker smelling like some millions
Right hand cross your heart, other hand to the ceiling
Say bi**h I was born broke just know I’m dying with these millions
Wrist game proper, keep that chopper
And take surgery with them squares I play doctor
Go to sleep thinking check, wake up thinking check
Young will not rest till all my ni**as get a check
Bi**h you know I’m bout it and you know I got it
Like my cars, like my bi**hes and my bi**hes they exotic
No need for a money counter, we’ll just thumb through it
We’ll count the 10’s and the 5’s we just let them ones do it

(Chorus – Jeezy)
I say I want that paper, need that paper
Hustling in my veins, I just bleed that paper
Nothing on my mind but some money. Las Vegas
When you run it up old bi**hes catch vapors
I just wanna check, I just need a check
See I can’t even lie right now I’m thinking bout a check
Put something in my safe, put a lock around my neck
That’s why I’m always on my grind cause I’m tryna run up checks

(Verse 2 – Ludacris)
Whoever said money is root of all evil never had none
I’m not a gold rapper but these women call me Magnum
And the baddest bi**hes live in Atlanta just in case you never had one
99 problems and money’ll solve most of em
Sisters having issues and my penis’ll solve both of em
Haters taking shots I pop some bottles that close to em
Got a DUI, bought a Phantom now someone chauffeurs em
Money don’t buy happiness but buy a place to sleep
I’d rather up in a mansion than to cry out in the streets
Used to exercise daily but f**k it I’m really fed up
Now the only exercise I do is run the check up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Yo Gotti)
One thing about it ni**a, I’ma run the check up
Whip game sick, yeah my s**t might need a check up
See first you get the money then you get the haters
Don’t let that s**t distract you gotta be focused on your paper
100 for a 16, used to pay 16 for a kilo
Lord bless the trap and hallelujah to my migos
Tryna get a check know the check right up
All my bi**hes ghost got one jet lagging
Chopper shoot like a jet fighter
Touch more keys than a typewriter
I was in the kitchen after school call that s**t detention
I’m a star player, I’m on fire, you was on the benches
Yeah coach got it, Calipari s**t
Feds riding, that’s some scary s**t
I got old money but the new money, I don’t want nothing but them Harriets
Tell em

(Repeat Chorus)